Golf Player Demographic

Income & Assets

The average golfer household income is $100,980, more than 200% greater than non golfers.

The average net worth of a golfer is $768,400

8 out of 10 have a net worth over $100,000

Half have a net worth over $250,000

1 in 3 golfers has a net worth over $500,000

14% have a net worth over $1,000,000


90% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are golfers

1 in 4 golfers own their own business

1 in 3 golfers are in top level management

75% of golfers recommend/order products and services at work.

House & Real Estate

91% of golfers are home owners

18% own at least 1 vacation home

38% are interested in purchasing a luxury leisure property

Their average home value is $480,000

Avid PGA Tour viewers are more than 200% as likely to own a 2nd home

72% paid for home repairs last year


The average golfer owns 3 cars

47% plan on buying a car this year

56% spent over $30,000 on their last vehicle

28% spent over $40,000 on their last vehicle


40% plan on seeking financial planning advice within the next year

44% invest so they can retire early

83% own securities

86% own life insurance

Food & Beverage

73% dine out at least 1x a week

32% spend over $3,000 a year at restaurants

77% drink wine on a regular basis

64% buy filtered or bottled water

Technology & Electronic Devices

22% plan to buy a new computer this year

46% plan on purchasing hardware this year

They connect to the internet over 160x every month

62% use a tablet on a regular basis

53% purchased products online last month

71% use Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter

38% plan to buy a camera this year


Golfers take an average of 12.4 vacation days each year, usually on 2 main trips

Golfers spend $6,800 annually on their main vacation

64% of golfers took an international trip in the past 3 years

Golfers fly an average of 5.5 times every year